Sunday, October 28, 2012

Quick Family Update

I think we are all finally starting to get used to our new schedule because this week was less cRaZy than the last 2 months have been.  
But that could be because  I skipped 2 volunteer things this week that I normally do. 

I know, I felt a little bad about it.

I just NEEDED some time to myself, to care for myself so that I wouldn't be the wicked witch to my hyper children. 
Last week I had 2 exams that I had to prepare for.
My test anxiety was SUPER HIGH. 
I hadn't studied for an exam in over 5 years. 
 And I had NEVER studied for an exam while trying to parent 2 elementary school children all by myself. (roger was REALLY busy last week so he was gone a lot)

Class is going great for me! 

I do have a LOT to think about at ALL TIMES but that's ok. 
I've really looked forward to this time in my life and I am really enjoying all the knowlegde that is being passed on to me.  

I love being able to use my mind again!  

However, with the kids and the house, I seem to have something that needs my attention at all times.  That part is a bit exhausting, but I am slowly learning to balance it all.
 I've taken up swimming laps at the local fitness center on Thursday evenings as a way to destress.
 It's lovely!!
And of course I still do my daily walks with Jimmy the dog, no matter the weather. 

 Little moments away, to breathe and reflect on life, help me to enjoy the hectic craziness of our lives at the moment.

Speaking of breathing, my new pacemaker setting and new meds are doing WONDERFUL.
 Now that I know what it feels like to not feel as if I am about to fall over dead, I am amazed that I was able to get through the summer with the kids.  
I can't believe I drove ALL THE WAY to the beach with the kids, with out Roger, and kept up with them the WHOLE TIME.  During that trip my blood pressure was dangerously low and my pulse was at 40, but I had no idea. All I knew is that I felt so horrible.  

No wonder I was like a walking zombie.  
I nearly was.

Ok, this is as much time as I have to devote to a quick update. Just know that all is well, I am feeling AMAZIN (thank you God, doctors, pacemaker, and meds), the kids are getting the hang of being back in school, I am getting the hang of being back in school, and Roger is starting to get used to not being IN school.

Life is pretty sweet!

It would be even sweeter if we could sell that darn house.  It has been on the market for OVER 2 YEARS. 

We are thinking about renting it out if it doesn't sell in the next few weeks.
I can't stand to see an empty house go through another cold winter.

Now I best get dressed, and the kids dressed, for church.  This pastor's wife is ALWAYS LATE.


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