Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What The Church Is To Me

Within the church sit flawed people with shared stories of redemption. 

Not all of our stories are exactly alike.  
The experience may differ. 
The story we share.

Unfortunately, a growing number in our society only see the institution and not the people.  

Unaffiliated, Designer Faiih, seems to be the fasts growing "religion" in America.  

Our society is full of isolated, independently minded people who suffer the great sickness of loneliness. 

They look for community in secular places and are boggled when that community is not found

Yes, Jesus can be found in the backyard, at the fitness center, in the knitting circle and at the bar, but how often do the ppl you meet in those places come to your home for dinner, or attempt to reach out to you during a time of need, or are willing to lovingly confront you so that you are able to grow as a person.

The church, for me, is the center of the community.  
For those within the church they see it as the place where the broken gather to heal, where the happy go to rejoice, and the lonely go to build a community. 

Those who have never experienced a loving church community see the church as an unnecessary institution.

They don't see the people. 

The people, the community, the shared story, is what keeps me going through the good and bad. 

The church gives me hope.  

To follow Christ we allow His life to move over our lives.

As a result, we change.

We grow.

We share. 

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