Tuesday, November 27, 2012

13 Year Anniversary

I shouldn't be writing this.  I have so much school work that I need to be doing but since I have been working on research since I dropped Paul off at school, and it is now 1:30pm, I have decided to take a mini "brain break."  

Here's the thing. 
I was standing in the kitchen a little while ago, making lunch for Anna, when she yelled out "Is it December yet?" 
The child is super excited about Advent.
I'm thinking it has something to do with her advent calendar that is full of chocolate.

The child LOVES chocolate . . . and presents . . .  and baby Jesus.

As I was explaining to her that it was not  December just yet, I began to wonder what the actual date was. My brain is in constant go so I tend to forget what day it is..
 As I was cutting up fruit, I started thinking about my assignments for class, remembered that yesterday was the 26th of November and thought out loud "that means today is the 27th."  

That's when I yelled out "HOLY CRAP IT IS OUR ANNIVERSARY."   

I dropped EVERYTHING, picked up the phone, called Roger, (who was in rout to the dentist to get a cavity filled) and blurted out "Happy anniversary. It's been 13yrs since you confessed your love to me!"

We took a second to laugh about our current circumstance and quickly got off the phone.  
(Anna was hungry . . .  and letting me know it)

I love this picture of my MawMaw and Pawpaw at their wedding.

Isn't it lovely?!?!

Looking at family photos like this makes me so grateful for the examples of marriage that I have in my life.
Looking at this photo, knowing about their ups and downs, helps me to see that marriage is not always easy.  In fact, from what I have heard, sometimes it is pure hell..  But in the end, marriage is two people who have committed themselves to one another, through thick or thin.

Roger and I have yet to reach the thin part of marriage.
I know one day we will.
I'm not naive in knowing that 8 years is a piece of cake in regards to the 50 years Mawmaw and Pawpaw spent together before his death. 
My prayer is that the daily maintenance and upkeep that we do in regards to our relationship will sustain our marriage when the thin comes.

For your entertainment, here is a small bit from the journal of my 15 year old self:
November 19, 1999
"I really like Roger! He is the first boy I have ever liked this much. Maybe someday we'll get married! Just think, Jessica Jasper. Maybe we'll even have two kids. I just love thinking about that. I could go on and on about about Roger. I just think he is the best thing that has ever happened to me, but I don't know if he feels the same."
November 20, 1999
"Mom and Dad said that I couldn't go to church with Roger, but they said he could come over (after church). So he did!  He picked up a movie on the way over. We sat on the couch and watched it. I leaned up against him like I always do. He didn't put his arm around me or hold my hand. I think it is because he is scared of my mom (mom would sit in the same room as us at all times). He'll get over it. I hope!"

December11, 1999
"I was talking to mom tonight about how much I love Roger and Roger loves me. I even told my mom that we would probably get married. She said he is a good guy and has a good heart but my feelings will change with time. I say they wont. I love Roger and Roger loves me and nothing can change that. Not even time. God can change it. But I pray he doesn't"

I love that I have our whole life together documented for our children to look back on!

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