Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sayings and Doings of Paul and Anna

This morning I stumbled into the kitchen to check the calendar.  I was caught off guard when I noticed that Paul's 1st grade open house is THIS thursday.  I started to have a small motherly panic attack.  As I began getting breakfast ready, the kids skipping from their rooms to the kitchen, my eyes began to water over.  

Anna- "mom what's wrong?"

me- "I'm just a little sad about you all heading to school next week."

Anna- "don't cry mom. It's ok. I'm EXCITED about going to school. I REALLY want to go to school. I don't like staying home with you."

The poor thing tries so hard to comfort me, but always manages to say the wrong thing.  I guess she gets that from me.  I'm always putting my foot in my mouth.

For Paul's 7th birthday he got lots of creature habitats.  He is anxiously awaiting his ants for his ant farm and his ladybug larva for his ladybug growing adventure.  

Paul -"I can't believe I'm going to be an Ant farmer!   I'm going to be a ladybug daddy!"

Anna- "can I be the ladybug Mommy?!?!"

Paul -"sure!  good thinking Anna!"

Until the ants and the larva arrive through UPS Paul is creature hunting in the backyard.  Yesterday morning he brought in several rolly pollies, put them in the lady bug habitat, and put a bit of water and "food" in  for them.  That afternoon he solemnly walked into the living room, his two best friends were sitting in the floor, in the palm of his hand was a rolled up rolly polly.

Paul- "guys, you better prepare yourself for a funeral.  This little guy got in the deep end of the water."

This morning after breakfast he came walking in the kitchen with his hand palm up.

Paul- "mom I have found the smallest rolly polly I have ever seen in my WHOLE life."

Me- "Paul, honey, that's not a rolly polly.  That's a small piece of fuzz."

Paul- "no it isn't.  I have to go out and get this litttle guy some food.  can you hold him while I go out in the back yard?"

I sat at the kitchen table, holding a piece of fuzz, while Paul, who was only wearing his underwear, went into the backyard to get the "rolly polly" some food, thinking to myself, "so, this is what motherhood is all about?  humm interesting!" 

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