Monday, July 23, 2012

Keeping You Updated on The House Situation

I have some good news in regards to our house situation!

It's not GREAT news, yet, but it's GOOD and any type of good news regarding our 2nd home that has been on the market for over two years, is AWSOME.

Man, that's a pretty long sentence.  

Sorry english majors.

Last week, as many of you already know, someone made an offer on the house.
It was a terribly low offer, we made a counter offer.

Today our Realtor let us know that the couple that made the offer is going to meet with their Realtor this coming weekend to make their final decision about the house.  (their realtor is on vacation this wk) He also informed us that ANOTHER couple is looking at our house!!  It is between our house and another house in town.  That couple is set to meet with their Realtor on Wednesday of THIS WEEK to decided which house to make an offer on.  I pray they make an offer on OUR house.

Can you believe that we have gone for over 2 years owning 2 homes, with absolutely NO interest from buyers, then all of a sudden TWO families are VERY interested?!?!?

I'm holding out faith that by this time next week we will have a SOLD sign in front of our adorable  remodeled 1940's era house.  It really is a lovely house!

miss that fire place

It's a good thing we found a home in our new town that is even more ADORABLE!

Or it would have been REALLY hard for me to put up that For Sale sign.

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