Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Preschool Applications

As I sat in the conference room filling out the stack of papers that I was handed by the secretary, Anna playing with the toys in the corner, nervous excitement leaked through my hand onto the paper.
I had been anticipating this day for months, well, years really, if I'm honest with myself.
7 years exactly.

At the beginning of March, when it was evident that Roger was indeed going to be graduating Seminary, I began hounding the local preschool, making sure I completed an enrollment application as soon as they began taking them.  Call after call, visit after visit, resulted in a "no, I'm sorry, we aren't taking them yet."

The preschool here is State Run; They serve a similar population to the local Headstart that is Federally run. Because of this, it is required by law that the Headstart meet quota BEFORE the State Run Preschool is able to take applications.  This causes the Preschool to have to wait until the last few weeks before school starts to take applications, do evaluations and notify parents of an acceptance or decline.

Yes, I know.  It is a bit nerve wracking isn't it?
Especially when I am counting on her going SOMEWHERE for the first half of the day so that I can have a small chunk of time to work on Seminary papers/reading. 
Not to mention (though I am mentioning it) that she starts kindergarten in 2013 and I am a BIG believer in half day preschool in preparation.
On top of THAT, the preschool that she will be attending (hopefully) is at the SAME school she will be attending Kindergarten.

Once the papers were turned in the secretary scheduled Anna for an evaluation.  The evaluation is August 8th, the day after Paul's first day of 1st Grade. I know, can you believe my oldest is 7 and entering the 1st grade?  I still feel 16, but I have this son who seems to think that I am his mother.  weird!

I guess we will find out whether or not Anna gets into the Preschool shortly after her evaluation. The preschool is set to start Aug 16th.  My first day of classes at Seminary is Aug 27.  I kinda feel like I am standing in a room full of half cracked windows waiting to be opened.  

It's exciting!! 

What I LOVE about this new arrangement is that I am still going to be able to be the sole care giver to my children while ALSO allowing myself a bit of wiggle room.  My seminary classes are all of Monday so Roger will be taking that day off to make sure the kids are both taken to school, picked up and cared for.   The rest of the days of the week I will have the mornings, when Anna is in preschool and Paul's at elementary school, to study.  I'll pick Anna up from preschool at lunch and Paul up from elementary school at 2:50.  Student time and Mom time!   

I know it will not be as simple as that.  I KNOW, because I have done it before, not with TWO children mind you, but I have done it before while holding down 2 jobs.  This time around I wont have the 2 jobs on top of the school, and the teething infant!!   I'm pretty confident in my abilities to juggle at this point in my life. 

I leave you with a funny, random, picture.
what Roger comes home from work to.

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