Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Paul Turns Seven

Hello there!!  
It's me again. 
 The sappy sentimental mother that appears around this time every year.

This morning was Paul's last morning to snuggle with me as a 6 year old.

Tomorrow morning our little boy will wake up a 7 year old!

At 11:59pm on July 25, 2005 Paul Calvin made his entrance into this world.
holy cow my vein is popping out of my head.  push girl.  push!

I couldn't believe Roger and I had actually brought a HUMAN into the world!

I could't stop looking at him, rubbing his little cheeks, smiling.

I remember asking Roger, "How did I give birth to a dark haired, dark eyed, tan baby?"
In the weeks leading up to the birth I had mentioned to Roger how adorable I thought little dark haired babies are.  He pointed out that there would no way that I could ever give birth to a baby like that, what with both of our blonde hair and light eyes.
I guess he was wrong.
Genes are kinda funny that way aren't they!!

Having a baby a few weeks before my Junior year of College was completely NUTTS but Roger and I were determined to make it work.

And we made some wonderfully unique memories along the way.
guys night out.... with a baby

girls night..... with a baby!

Chilling with Katie

he LOVED going to the LRC with me to do research for class.

Paul at the 80's themed sorority party

helping me study for my Latin Exam

we made it to graduation!!!!!

Paul tells everyone he meets that he's doing school backwards.
"I went to college first!  Yep. Graduated from Georgetown College.  Then I went to kindergarten."

 I love him so much.

future volleyball player

He used to sneak food out of the fridge.

Being his parent is too much fun!

I'd say Roger would agree with me.

"Mom, I'm not going to spend my birthday money. I'm going to put it in my bank account. I'm trying to get to 100.00.  Then I'll be rich like you!"  -Paul

Update:  He got some birthday money in the mail from my grandmother today and he has ALREADY spent it.

This is what we have gotten to enjoy watching this evening.
The child wanted scuba gear for his birthday.
So what, he's a little boy who dreams of being on National Geographic.

Each year we take him somewhere special instead of buying him a gift.  This year he has asked us to take him to Big Bone Lick State Park.  The boy wants to camp with the Buffaloes. 

Man Roger, we have one cool little boy!!

the child LOVES to swim

he's determined that one day he will  Kayak with Tyler 

at the coffee shop with friends

I was there when the first tooth came in and there when the first tooth came out!

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