Monday, June 4, 2012

We're back from our Edisto Island Adventure

The kids and I just got back from Edisto Island in South Carolina.
We are actually at my parent's house.
I stopped here on the way home because Anna got BAD car sick and I COULD NOT drive the last two hours without cleaning the car out.
I'll have to type a blog post about our adventures later.
We had a LOT of adventures.

For now I want to say how incredibly HAPPY I am to be back home.

Yes, the beach is beautiful.
Yes, the South Carolina sun feels wonderful.
 But you know what, I am more of a small little cabin, in the middle of the Kentucky woods, beside a creeek, kind of girl.
I really LOVE our rolling hills.
Yes, Beach houses are pretty to look at and watching the sun set over the Ocean is lovely, but I could never live any where else besides my old Kentucky home.  My heart is here.
When we crossed back into Kentucky this afternoon I yelled out "Well, HOT DOG! We're home!!!"
I love our Kenutcky grass, Kentucky Trees, Kentucky Lakes, Rivers, and Creeks...... and our good old Kentucky people!



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