Thursday, June 28, 2012

I got the CBF Scholarship!!!

I woke up this morning to Roger telling me to call the Seminary.  
They were trying to get a hold of me.  
I had gotten a new cell phone with out informing them of my new number.  

So, once I got the kids sort-of-kind-of settled down, I called.
(4 and 6 is an INTERESTING age)

When I reached Debbie she was in the middle of something and asked if she could call me back in a second.

Since taking a shower with 2 children running through the house is HARD and I had JUST gotten them calmed down, I decided to take that glorious second to shower.

I quickly got undressed and turned the shower on, the cell phone sitting close by.... just in case.

Right as I was about to jump in the spraying water, the phone rang, I answered it.  Covered in a towel, the kids banging on the door (anna had apparently hit Paul), Debbie congratulated me on being the recipient of the CBF (Cooperative Baptist Fellowship) Scholarship!!!  

 I jumped up and down, in my towel, squealing, while the kids continued to bang on the door.   I was SOOOOOOO EXCITED that I opened the door and yelled  "Momma got the scholarship!"  Which threw the kids for a loop.  They stood blank face looking at me like, "woman, you have done gone and lost your mind?"  

The scholarship pays for a BIG chunk of my Seminary for 4 years AND on top of that, they fly me out to EVERY general assembly AND put me up in a nice hotel AND provide food money.... ALL FOUR YEARS!   It is a WONDERFUL way for me to get connected in CBF life with other future and current women ministers.  I'm no longer going to be the wife tagging along with her CBF preacher husband.  I am going to be Jessica, the seminary student and future CBF Minister. 
How cool is that?!?!?!

Now, I gotta go shuck this corn.  Roger is grilling out MY FAVORITE foods tonight.
It's time to CELEBRATE!!

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