Monday, June 25, 2012

Backyard Resort: Kentucky Style

This afternoon when Roger got home from work he walked into the backyard to find me sitting on the ground, short of breath, attempting to blow up a small family pool that I had found on sale at Target.

I had tried the bicycle pump, that didn't work.

I didn't have one of those handy automatic blowers.

Anna and I were VERY determined to get the pool set up, I just didn't have THAT much air.

Roger, after laughing a bit at our mother/daughter personalities, immediately came to check out the situation.

He suggested that we give the leaf blower a try.


Yes, it was a tad bit redneck but it got the job done and made for some laughs.

Before getting in the pool I needed to clean out a few critters and some grass.

I used my spaghetti strainer for that!

As Roger and I were sitting in the pool, leaning against the side, me content with a good little smile, he started laughing really REALLY hard. 
Me- "What?  What are you laughing at?"
Roger- "I'm laughing at YOU."
Me- "What?  Why?"

He then made a sweeping arm motion to the back yard. "You act as if this is some sort of resort. What it is is a redneck paradise."

Yes, it kinda hurt my feelings a bit. Well, until I looked at our backyard through my husband's eyes.
now instead of that little pool we have a "family" size pool

Then I laughed like crazy.

Well, while I'm at it, I might as well show you the cool garden lights I got at Target for our back deck!

It's makes for a GREAT date night in our own REDNECK paradise!! 

The camping tent has been GREAT fun for the kids and I.  Just about every evening we brush our teeth and climb into the tent to read the 1st Harry Potter book until it gets too dark to see the pages.   

I think after last night Roger has come to like the camping tent as well.  After putting the kids to bed we laid in the tent, looking up into the trees, talking about our day.  Before last night he kept saying "It's killing the grass Jess.  It's killing the grass."  At which I responded. "Rog, that's not grass anyway.  It's weeds."

I guess I have way too much fun playing with the kids in our backyard!

I LOVE summer time in Kentucky!

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