Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our Journey to the Pritchard Community Baby Shower

A few months ago our Teen MOPS program was invited to be a vender at a community wide baby shower that was to be held at the Pritchard Community Center.

We were so excited for this wonderful opportunity to meet and greet other young mothers in the community and to spread the word about our new group! 

Last night Roger, the husband that I could NOT live without, stayed up into the wee hours helping me prepare a promotional display for our booth.

In appreciation for all of his hard work I played a little prank on him!
I snuck into the bathroom and did this before he walked in to brush his teeth for the evening, or shall we say morning since it technically was.
When he exclaimed "WHAT IN THE WORLD," I ran into the bathroom and said "Well, I'll be. It looks as if a little leprechaun has snuck into our house and taken a pee in our toilet.  My goodness."

This morning (Tuesday March 20th) was the community baby shower.

Two of our Teen MOPS members, along with their adorable little men, showed up to help promote our group!   They helped us fold pamphlets, set out books to give away as gifts and got all the diapers ready to hand out.  And of course, they helped invited people to join us for our super cool meetings by exclaiming how much fun we have! 

The community baby shower was a wonderful success.
Over 70 people showed up!

The doors opened at 10:30am. 
 As each person came in they were lead through the different promotional booths and given a "dollar" for each booth that they stopped at. The "dollar" was to be used at the "store" at the end of the shower.

 At noon lunch was prepared and guest speakers gave presentations.  
Once the presentations were over "the store" was opened up for the young mothers to go shopping with their "dollars."  
There were so many nice things to choose from.  
I am humbled by this community here in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.
They are such a giving community.  It feels so nice to be able to be a small part of that!

We had over 26 girls sign up for more information about our group!!

All I can do right now is SMILE.
I'm so happy that things seem to be falling into place with our Teen MOPS program.

Several organizations around town have either offered to be a guest speaker at one of our Teen MOPS meetings or have asked us to come to their organization as a guest speaker. 

We are slowly but surely spreading the word!

It feels wonderful to be surrounded by such a loving network.
I am having a BLAST meeting all of these young mothers and forming lasting friendships.

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