Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'm sitting at the kitchen table with fresh produce.  The windows are open, letting the sound of a lawn mower into the house.

This morning David dropped off some fresh produce from his garden. We call him our produce fairy. You never know when a knock on the door will be followed by some spinach, or asparagus, or squash, or WATER MELON.

This morning the knock came before I had gotten a chance to take a shower.

Taking a shower while watching a small child is often times just not worth it in the end.

I answered the door in my jammies, house coat and wicked looking hair; holding the dog.  Standing beside me was a naked 3 year old. Well, she wasn't completely naked; she was in her underwear; her dora the explorer underwear.

Our grass is super tall.  I am talking TALL.  I stood in the front yard last night; the grass came to my shin. Our lawn mower has been broken all winter but we just recently took it to the machine shop. You can blame my husband for that. Although, I don't blame him.  He broke it last fall when he ran over the tree stump that I warned him of.

This is why I mow the grass people.

David, while standing on our back stoop, pointed to our grass. "It's a little long isn't it?"  A bit embarrassed, I explained the lawn mower situation.  We laughed about it. I tried not to laugh too hard because like a said above, I hadn't taken a shower yet which means I hadn't even brushed my teeth.

After I shut the door I made a mad dash to the shower.  Anna yelling and screaming behind me.  "Anna stop it. Seriously, I have to take a shower."   She got her little stool and sat outside of the curtain talking to me as I lathered up.

Shortly after I finished throwing clothes on, my new friend Summer knocked on the door.

Let me tell you about Summer; she is a God send.  The past couple of mornings we have spent sipping coffee and talking about life.  She doesn't have to be at work until after lunch; she works 2nd shift.  In the mornings she comes into town to do Taekwondo. After her lessons she has been stopping by for some coffee and a quick chit chat.  She's one of those people that I feel I have known my whole life and have no clue what I have done without her!

This morning Summer stopped by to pick up some books.  As we were doing the exchange I looked out the window to see David unloading a lawn mower from his truck.  Roger happened to be home grabbing a few things and stepped out the front door.  "David is the lawn that bad. Is word getting around town that the minister's yard hasn't been mowed?"    They both had a quick laugh.  Then David started up the lawn mower and began mowing our grass.  "You could just leave the mower and I'll do it."  But David insisted on mowing our grass.

I walked back in the house a tad bit embarrassed. I stood in the kitchen and laughed.  

I love having this community of people that we are surrounded by; people randomly show up at our back stoop to drop off fresh produce; people sitting at our kitchen table and sharing their soul; people knocking on our front door at all hours because they were driving by and wanted to say hi.

I am so grateful for this church family!     I sometimes feel like I am in a southern movie and that feels nice.

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