Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I am near tears I am so exhausted.
It's my own fault I guess.  
Roger and I stayed up late last night talking. 
He had to leave for class at 6am while I got the kids ready for school.  
(man oh man trying to get Anna in the car in the morning is CRAZY)
He wont be back until about 11pm.  

The kids have screamed at me all day.  
Well, Paul didn't scream at me between the hours of 8 and 3pm but as soon as he got in the car at the pick up line the screaming started.  

They are both really tired. 
 It has been pure hell trying to get them to bed lately.  Hence the reason why they are both exhausted.

When we got home he started complaining about his big toe hurting him.
Come to find that his shoes are too small.
Off we went to the Mall to buy him some shoes.
Yes, that took FOREVER because Anna HAD to buy some summer shoes as well and I was just too tired to fight with her. Then they both insisted that they play in the play area and REFUSED to leave when it was time to go.

When I put dinner on the table they both refused to eat.  Both agreeing that they HATE spaghetti.
"Since when do you HATE spaghetti?"

Bath time was an adventure.  It always is!
Anna took a shower in my bathroom while Paul bathed in the kids bathroom.
I was running back and forth between the two.

My legs are burning, my arms are aching and my head is pounding. 
Those dirty dishes in the sink are just going to have to wait until tomorrow morning.

  Anna is currently flipping out with no sign of calming down.  I've gone into the room several times trying to soothe her.  I've done everything but climb into the bed with her.  I really NEED for her to go to sleep.  I need some time to myself.  Hell, I will probably go to sleep as soon as she falls asleep.  I am so tired I feel like my heart is about to stop beating.  

Yes, I know, it's my fault for staying up until 1am talking and flirting with my husband. 

I forgot that Paul had homework until I asked him to brush his teeth for bed.
I managed to tune out the screaming Anna long enough to help Paul with his homework.
I enjoy having that time with him.
I enjoy it more when it isn't past his bedtime and Anna isn't screaming and tugging at me.

Well Folks, I know this blog post is random and depressing and has probably left you exhausted and I am sorry.
I just had to find some sort of way to cope with being completely alone with two children, one in which is currently flipping out.

I know that this crazy hectic period in our lives will not last for much longer. That helps me get through days and evenings like this.
Roger graduates in less than 2 months (I hope!).  Then things will be a bit easier. 
My days will still remain a little nuts with a 4 year old and 6 year old all day but at least I will have a husband in the afternoons again!  
That's the thing that is the hardest; when 5 o'clock rolls around and I realize that no one is coming home to help. 

I start feeling a bit helpless.  

I become tempted to scream out my window for our next door neighbors to gather their things and help me feed and bathe these two children and put them to bed. 

(hold on a second the door bell just rang)

HA HA HA  I just answered the door and this little high school boy was there.
Not any older than 15.
The first thing he said was "can I speak to the owner of the house."
when I told him I was the owner he didn't believe me.
"you look so young." he said.
I didn't buy what he was selling.

Now Anna is awake AGAIN.
Dang that door bell.
What in the world is a kid doing out at 9pm selling stuff?

Things seem to have calmed down a bit with the mad 3 year old.
The house is quiet. I can hear the train's whistle outside.
I might cuddle up in bed and watch Good Morning America on hulu.
When I do that in the evening I call it  Good Afternoon America.
Saying that cracks me up.
I laugh out loud at myself all of the time.
Roger thinks that is weird.

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