Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We are nearing the end of the semester!

Welp folks, it is nearing the end of the school semester! Which means I am seeing a LOT of this.....

And this.......

The poor husband is completely worn out.
This is his last year of seminary and by far the hardest. 

The good news is that the kids are still thriving in this exhausting environment!

Paul is still enjoying sneaking around the house playing practical jokes and setting up booby trabs. A word of warning to those parents of young children who CAN NOT wait until their child is old enough to enjoy the movie Home Alone.  Be prepared for a Kevin in YOUR house.

Anna is still VERY talkative and a tad bit demanding of any and everyones time.
The child NEVER stops playing baby doll and restaurant.
Today we had to take the baby dolls with us to the fitness center.
It was quite adorable.

Meet my grandchildren!   Sarah and Sarah.

She LOVES the name sarah for some reason.

She refuses to let me take any pictures of her so this is all I got.

I however, am NOT thriving in this environment.  On most days there are seconds throughout that day that I feel like I could either explode, run away or find a corner to cry in.

I am emotionally drained.

The constant go go go go go and breaking up fights and little people in my face at all times of the day and night has been a LOT to deal with on top of the whole semester of seminary thing.

I look like utter CRAP on most days because I have NO chance to really get dressed.
It is a miracle that I even have clothes on.
As soon as i get out of the shower there is SOMEONE or SOMETHING needing my utmost attention....IMMEDIATELY.  

As I was taking out the trash before heading out to pick paul up from school Anna mentioned how funny I looked.

welp, I guess I do look pretty darn funny but at least you are clean, dressed and have a full belly!!!



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