Sunday, December 18, 2011

sharing an old journal entry from college

 Yesterday I was looking through some old journal entries from back when I was in college.
Now keep in mind that when I graduated from college in 2007 I had already been married for 3 years, had a 2 year old son and a job as an orderly at a state psychiatric hospital.
It was a CRAZY time in my life that I look back on now and feel that it made me a stronger person. 

I wrote this journal entry after a particularly hard day.
It was finals week of my senior year. ( fall semester 2006)

Yesterday my morning went like this. I got up about 7am took a shower. Got paul up and fed him and me breakfast. TRIED to fix my hair while Paul pulled on the hairdryer and screamed at my feet. Got him dressed. Got myself dressed. Then came the big fight. I had to put his shoes and jacket on. I placed his socks on then he pulled them off. I put them back on and he pulled them off again. That happened about 5times. I FINALLY got his shoes on. Then came the jacket fight. I put it on...he took it off. Then he ran down the hall screaming. So I gave up and just walked out the front door. He followed and I grabbed him fast and put on the jacket and zipped it up before he had a chance to take it off. I started putting him in the carseat and realized he had pooped (AHHHHHHH) I went back in the house and changed him. I got him back in the car and started driving to the daycare only to realize that I had forgotten my backpack. I went back to the house got my backpack and then finally dropped Paul off at daycare. I rushed to campus and ran to class. 

Today Roger had to take off work to watch a sick Paul
Our son has Rubelle and I have finals and major class projects on my mind. I am so tired.

When I got home for my lunch break between class I found Roger being so handsome and sweet,  cooking us beef stew for dinner!!! I then found mr paul in the bath soaking because of the rubelle.  I also found a surprise in there. He had pooped in the TUB. AHHHHHHH    So on my lunch break, between class, I had to clean poop out of the tub and then feed the baby.

On top of all that I have tons of research to do, finals to study for and what ever else gets thrown at me. Oh and I HAVE A JOB...yes I work, go to school and take care of a 1yr old. 

The other college kids have no clue how hard this is.  I am so tired of hearing them talk about how stressed out they are over finals.  I feel like yelling SHUT UP.  

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