Friday, December 23, 2011

Country Songs That Make me Smile

So I am standing in my kitchen listening to my country station on Pandora, drinking a glass of wine.  It's another lonely friday night. 
Roger has to work late. 
Christmas Eve is tomorrow. 
The kids are super hyper. 
I am antsy for a date night.  
I'm tired of these friday nights full of sweat pants, old college tshirts and a bottle of wine.

I NEED a date night. 

Roger got me tickets to see The Zac Brown Band in Nashville Tn. 
I am so flipping excited. I'm excited about the concert.
 I'm excited about spending a WHOLE day exploring Nashville.
 I'm excited about being completely alone with Roger!!  
I'm excited that Roger is sucking it up and doing something I want to do for a change. 
That is so darn romantic don't ya think?!?!?

When we were dating I took Roger out on the family farm to enjoy a day full of 4 wheeler riding. He refused to get on the 4 wheeler, clamming that it smelt like cow poo, "well what do you expect it to smell like. Flowers. We ride it through a cow pasture." The day ended up being Roger sitting on the side lines while my brother and I rode. 

When we first got married Roger refused to let me listen to country music. When I say 'he refused to let me" what I mean to say is that any time he caught me listening to country music he would make fun of me to the point that I would turn it off.  For years I have had to sneak around to listen to it.

This past year things have changed.  I've pretty much let my whole self hang out. It's kinda my way of saying THIS is who I am so deal with it.  

it's been VERY refreshing! 

In the past year Roger has agreed to let me teach him how to ride the dirt bike, has agreed to one day in the future buy a small farm with me and has bought tickets for us to go see one of my new favorite country music bands in Nashville Tn.  Just a couple of weeks ago he even sang along with me to an Alan Jackson song in the car!!!!   This new husband that I have all of a sudden, seems so incredibly hot to me!  I can't keep my hands off of him!  My heart skips a beat when he walks in the door!   I feel like a giddy school girl whenever I am around him.  

I guess this is how he feels about me when I ask him to borrow one of his seminary books!?!?

Just for the heck of it, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite country songs. They are in no particular order.

This is what I do when I am antsy on a friday night!  i dance in my kitchen with a glass of wine, just waiting for my husband to get home so I can attack him with kisses! 

The little man - Alan Jackson

Fishin' In The Dark - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (love love LOVE this one)

When you say nothing at all - Alison Krauss

You never even called me by my name - David Allen Coe

Forever and Ever Amen - Randy Travis

You Aint Woman Enough (to take my man) - Loretta Lynn

Marry Me - Dolly Parton

Different Kind of Fine - The Zac Brown Band   (this is my gym song! everyone has a gym song right?)

All your Life - The Band Perry

I Just Realized - Matt Wertz

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