Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Stress Test of '09

This morning we got up super early and headed into the city far way.  Far far away. I slept while Roger drove and was amazed to find the sun shinning when we arrived at our destination. "This is a cruel punishment Roger. Just cruel. Why so early?"  

After circling around for a little bit, laughing at our misfortune and our need to pee we finally made it to the Jewish Hospital. "YAY I'm so excited! Maybe I'll meet a Jewish doctor."  Well, I didn't meet a Jewish doctor just one that seemed annoyed that he had to monitor a chick doing a stress test.  WE called Him Dr. Xylophone because we couldn't understand a world he said and he had a REALLY REALLY long name that started with a X. 

Here's a pic of the entering into the clinic.

We were hoping to take a few more pictures of the stress test. Like one of me actually on the treadmill with the crazy thing wrapped around my head and the elephant looking mask that clamped my nose shut, forcing me to breath from a small tube. But the nurses seemed in need of some coffee and the Doctor just plum hated his life. So, we snuck this one while they were out getting me a battery for some sort of hook up thing a ma jig.
This is just a picture of me acting out what I might look like when the stress test is over.
After the test we had to rush across the way to another hospital to see ANOTHER doctor. "YAY hospital hoping is F-U-N!!!"  I am a bad patient and I thoroughly  enjoy spinning around in the Doctors stool before they come in. First of all, spinning is great fun. It's something you never grow out of. Second, I enjoy watching the doctor try to scoot up to the table only to realize that they have to spin the stool down. The whole time making grunting sounds and saying something like "man, how many spins."
AFter the spinning, if any of you decide to do this, you must quickly jump up on the exam table and look all innocent. It is great!!!  I throw the "Hey, Look at me. I would never mess up your stool" look.  Works like a charm.  And have no fear people. They have to knock before coming in. So, if you are in the middle of a spin you'll have plenty of time to jump up and give the innocent look.  PS: I do this to Paul and Anna's Doctors as well. I'm an addict.
I have a problem. When I get bored I snoop. Look what I found though. A year's supply of tissue! I was so excited but Roger caught me filling up the backpack and assured me that our insurance would not in fact pay for it.
The next grand adventure was getting the echo (an ultra sound for your heart). I love echos!!  I just have this fascination with looking at the inside of my body. A part of me would love to be able to hold my heart in my hands as the Doctor explains every detail to me. But since I know there is no way under the sun that that can ever happen I take advantage of resources that are put in front of me. I sat at the desk "Explain this to me!  In great detail."   
So, my new doctor, whom I just met today explained EVERYTHING to me!!!  It was the first day meeting her (she's a SHE!  A female cardiologist. EXCITING!!!!) but I can already tell she is going to be great!  She truthfully answered each of my questions and explained things to me in a "not dumbed down for the patient" way. She understood that I have been doing some research and teaching myself little things about the heart and desperately wanted to learn. 

Ok, now, on to what she said. Here's a list
- I did AWESOME on the stress test and she can't believe I went so long with nothing major being detected on the test.
- My heart looks VERY BEAUTIFUL. Actually pretty Amazing for my condition.
- Over the years I will need to be checked each year still just to make sure the arteries don't begin to narrow from the scar tissue that is present. But the majority of that happens during adolescents.  When the heart is growing.
- There are no signs that the muscle is wearing out but if there ever is they have plenty of meds they can put me on and keep adding 

Then I asked the question. "What if non of those medicines work? Then what"  She responded "Then we would put you on the transplant list."  She followed it up with "I am not telling this to scare you."  I said "I know. I just want you to be truthful with me and not try to sugar things up."   Then she went on to explain that she doesn't see that happening in my future. That I have done an excellent job at keeping my heart healthy and the surgery that was performed at 3 months was absolutely beautiful. The surgeon did an excellent job.  Then she told me to keep up the exercise, the eating healthy and the rest will work out beautifully. 

I WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPPPPY!!!!!!  Roger and I skipped out of the office (I was saying prayers of thanks to God) and we went to a brew pub to eat a BIG unhealthy Bison burger and have a sampler of their beers.  

I feel so blessed!  So happy. So calm. So proud. So relieved. Happy tears feel so nice sometimes. I shall go enjoy them.  

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  1. Nothing heals the heart like a burger and beers. And friends. Congrats!