Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturdays with Children

Wrote this part prior to Paul waking up:
It is a cool, rainy fall day. I am sitting here in my kitchen with the window open, watching Anna eat breakfast. The sound of the rain is so soothing. I feel that God new I needed a lazy Saturday full of books, movies, card games and front porch sitting. So, he sent the rain!!

This morning Roger and I woke up around 7am. I couldn't get back to sleep so I crept down stairs to make coffee for the two of us. While Roger was showering I sat on the front porch, sipping coffee and reading scripture. I was mesmerized by the rain and ended up sitting on the porch for an hour reading and listening. It will go down as one of those moments. A moment of peace. A moment that I truly felt the ultimate presence. And the lack of children!

Now I am sitting here all showered and spruced up, watching Anna eating cheerios and I feel fantastic.  Paul isn't up yet and I am going to let him sleep. Today I have declared shall be a sleep as long as you please day. He needs his sleep anyway. The poor boy has a viral infection in and hasn't been feeling very well as all. Plus as soon as he gets up I have two children to take care of instead of one.

Roger is at the church for a "work day."  A family at the church declared it a "work day" in order to get some church members together to spruce up the building, sort through old junk and make some repairs. I hope they finish early or he doesn't stay the whole time so we can enjoy this day together. It seems like we are never at the house at the same time anymore. There is always something that needs doing. Be it groceries, doctors appointments, class, a midnight diaper run, a hospital visit, a child that demands to go to the park, something always comes up.  And for some reason in each scenario I am stick with two screaming children.

This I wrote after Paul woke up:
While I was in the middle of typing this Paul woke up screaming "While I was sleeping my night night pants came off and jumped into the floor.  AHHHH  I wanted to sleep in my night night pants but now it is day time AAAAAAHHH."  Once we got that settled Paul and I decided "PAJAMA DAY!"  I put new pj's on him and put some pj's on anna.  They are both being adorable here in the kitchen in their PJ's.  Ok, so I lied, they are actually sitting here randomly screaming about something. Paul- "AAAHHH my tongue hurts AAAHH."  Anna - "AAAAAHHH this this this this aaaaaaah."  Every time they let out a shriek I feel my head imploding. WHERE IS ROGER?!?!?!  Oh, yeah he is at the church cleaning. Why can't I go to the church and clean. I would much rather do that than sit here and listen to the screaming. IT NEVER STOPS. I fix one catastrophe and then another one takes place, one after another.  I finally just give up and let them scream because there is really nothing I can do.  I wish my relaxing morning could last all day. Now I am sweating because the screaming is really getting horrible. Roger is so lucky that he doesn't have to deal with this EVER. (the mornings and late afternoons are the worst but I figure that they are tired in both cases)

Oh, well, maybe we'll get a kids movie at the library. Which brings me to the topic of "when will I ever again get to sit ALONE, cuddled in a blanket and watch a movie of my choosing?"  OR maybe Roger will magically APPEAR and I can go somewhere for the remainder of the day.  If you see a random person lying in her pj's in a book store, sipping coffee on the couch by the fireplace THAT'S ME.  I want to have a relaxing day at home but realize that the children from HELL (and I say that in a loving way) will never allow me that. So, I will take up residents at the local book store!!

Have a GREAT saturday ya'll!!!! 

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