Sunday, August 30, 2009

Well, Paul has successfully embarrassed me three times already this weekend. 

The first one:
We were at a wedding of a friend, he was REALLY interested in it because he has been talking for weeks about how he wants to marry me. We have tried to explain that you can't marry your mom or your sister or your dad or you grandparents. He doesn't understand, "but I'm nice! I love you." When we told him we were going to watch two people get married he was all about how we weren't getting in the car fast enough. Once at the wedding i found a lovely cry room and took advantage of the situation. I pulled a chair up next to the window so paul could watch the wedding and I let anna go crazy in the room. However, Paul lost his balance, slammed his body into the looking window, slid down the wall and knocked over the vases that the bridesmaids had left there, full of water, to put their flowers in. No one in the little room said a thing. It was as if nothing happened but I could feel the stink eye on me. I tried my best to clean up the mess with the little amount of diaper wipes I had with me.

The second one:
We are still in the cry room. Paul is standing beside me now because I wouldn't dare let him back onto he chair after the fall. I learnt my lesson, he didn't. Then he screams out  "MY PENIS IS OUT OF MY UNDERWEAR!  AAAAAAH"  I can feel the embarrassment start to seep to my face. Then I started to calm myself down with a mental "Jess, your child is hilarious."  Then I did what any mother would do in that situation. "well, then, reach down in there and put him back in."  Once again, no one said a thing but I sure felt the stink eye as I began to giggle.

The third one:
We have a interim pastor at our church now. This sunday was his first Sunday preaching. The first thing that Paul says to him is "That's Jeff's office."  The man smiles tries to ask Paul a few questions. Paul responds by crying "I was going to be the preacher. I'm the preacher. I want to be the preacher."  The little guy really thought he was going to take over Jeff's job.

Having Paul as a son has been challenging at times but at the end of the day my son cracks me up. I love how big of a smile such a little guy can put on my face. 

Now I am going to enjoy the rest of this beautiful Sunday with my family in a park out in the country. I can already smell the hay!

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