Monday, August 17, 2009

a day with the heart monitor on

It is only 1:30pm and I have already and I FANTASTIC day!!  Praise the Lord!!!

I was not looking forward to today because the cardiologist had sent me home with the halter monitor to put on by myself and wear during the exercise thing with the other moms in the park First of all I was nervous about putting the monitor on right but after all the years of having them I figured that out pretty fast.  Now I'm thinking about going to school to be an ekg hooker upper person.  Just kidding.  But I think I did a fantastic job putting the electrodes on.

Anyway.  I got up early, early, early, took my heart medicine, drank a lot of water, ate a oatmeal breakfast, did my little bible study and then got the kids up.  Then around 8am I put on the heart monitor only to find that it would not turn on.  Oh no!!  I called the cardiologist but the office wasn't open yet.  After have a small short panic, Roger and I figured out that it needed a new battery. So, he rushed out to buy new batteries.

I met the ladies at the park, explained the heart situation, and proceeded to exercise. I think it went GREAT. I kept up with them and only felt absolutely horrible one time.(I wrote it in the jornal that the cardiologist sent with me. "short of breath. dizzy. very very tired.") Renee was REALLY good about doing cool downs before and after the big time exercising. It REALLY helped me.  When we got finished exercising Renee got out the parachute and the kids giggled and laughed while tossing it in the air. Then they all played tag/monsters while we laid in the grass relaxing and talking.  At which point we decided it would be an AWSOME idea to go eat pizza.  Therefor, we loaded up all the kids (6 in all. we each have two. YAY for double strollers) and headed for some yummy, greasy, cheesy pizza!!  DELICIOUS.  Nothing like chowing down on pizza while you are still in your nasty, sweaty clothes. "MMMM  MMMMM this is so so good!!"   "Oh man I  know! I know!!"

When I got home Anna was knocked out so I put her to bed.  Then I attempted to sponge bathe myself.  The electrodes have to stay on until tomorrow morning.  I once again did a fantastic job and I actually feel clean and I didn't electrocute myself!!!  YAY!!!! I also did a good job washing my hair upside down.  What can I say.  I am starting to be GREAT at everything. :)

Now, I'm going to try to get Paul to lay down for a nap so I can pass out on the couch for a little bit before the dinner rush.  Oh and another exciting thing.  We are sending the kids to Roger's parents house this weekend.  YAY for some alone time!!  I'm so excited!  If you have kids and haven't sent them to the grandparents for the weekend before I would highly recommend it. It helps Roger and I reconnect and remember why we are still together.  I love it!! Plus, sometimes you just need to get away from your kids and vis versa. 

bye bye for now!!!  Keep me in your prayers that the results from this monitor are good and that the results from the stress test turns out great!   I'm a little nervous but after today I feel like it will be ok. 


  1. I've had to do the 24 hr holter monitor a couple times it's no walk in the park but your not walking your jogging & pushing a 2 seater stroller.... way to go girlfriend they will get you fixed up with a new and improved ya..

  2. connie, you're so funny. I'm praying they get some good readings from all the crazyness I did today. Then maybe we'll get to the bottom of this heart issue. While other people my age are excited about the new cell phones I am excited about my new and improved pacemaker!!!