Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I caught a potato on fire

As you know, when the semester starts this space turns into a venting box. It is my bag in which to breathe so I don't pass out.

I am overwhelmed.    At the moment I am VERY overwhelmed.

Roger works late tonight, the kids are in a CRAZY mood, and I just caught the microwave on fire.  BIG TIME fire.  In like, smoke everywhere and flames visible.

I caught a potato on fire.  Yes, HOT potato.  VERY hot potato.

The kids have homework out the wazoo and I am trying very hard to be patient with them. Thus far they have been very adamant about NOT doing it.  I'm tired. I've been working on my own homework ALL DAY.

Riddle me this batman, where does all this energy that the kids have come from?    I asked them if they had recess today and both children told me that they did not.  What is up with that?   The 2nd grader said his teacher told him that they had too much work to take a recess.  WHAT????    I keep having issues with this teacher not giving the 2nd graders a recess.

I digress.

Both of these kids feel the need to be in constant motion and either singing or yelling.  Who knew it could be so fun to jump from couch to couch singing strange songs that you make up?   I tried it the other night, just for the hell of it.  The kids got really quiet and asked if I was ok. yes, I said, I was ok, just wanted to show them what I have to deal with on a daily biases.  They just laughed and proceeded to jump from couch to couch.   I gave up.

Do not take this post in the wrong way.  I love being a mother, a student, a wife of a man who stays late at work to council those in need, I'm just tired and need to vent, publicly for some reason. 

Now, excuse me, the 8yr old is chasing the dog around the house with a dirty sock.  

Did I mention that the 5yr old is mad at me because she has yet to be called for a casting call?  you can't make this stuff up.  The child is determined that she WILL be in a movie. She can't figure out why her mother hasn't gotten her in a movie yet.

Oh dear lord, the 5yr old just smacked the 8yr old with fake flowers and the dog just ran by carting the dirty sock in his mouth. I guess I need to get back to parenting.  This has been a nice break!

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