Monday, January 27, 2014

Seminary Starts Back: Spring semester 2014

The alarm rings. It's 5am. I hit snooze.  The alarm rings. It's 5:10am. I hit snooze. And so starts the morning of me hitting snooze over and over again until my husband graciously volunteers to take a shower first. I snooze a bit more before tackling the task of waking two children.

The hot water hits my face. The shower wakes me up. The husband makes breakfast for the children. I get ready for class.

The entire family walks outside to the cars, it's FREEZING, we all have backpacks on, we are all headed to class. The boys go in one car while the girls go in another. Here we go, another chapter in our lives together.

Roger and I are both taking a morning class at seminary together and are trying to manage dropping the kids off at school and getting to our 9am class, which is 2hrs away, on time. We have to drive separately since I am taking classes all day while he is only taking one class.

This morning we were both about 20min late.

We vowed to get up earlier next time.

We vowed to give this another shot.

 If it doesn't work out he will take both of the kids to school while I get to class on time.

He offered to be perpetually late since he already has his MDiv and is merely going back to get a class that he is missing for his certification.

I, the person that waited for him to graduate before heading back to seminary, was very gracious when he offered to be perpetually late.

 I have put in my time of marital sacrifice in regards to seminary.

I got a little tingle in my heart when he offered to be late, while we were on the cell phone with each other, as we were both driving to Georgetown in separate cars.

So, that is our life as of right now.                      The entire family is in school.

Paul and Anna are in elementary school. Roger and I are in seminary.

It's crazy.

It's exciting.

It's exhausting.

But I love it!

I wouldn't have it any other way.

Ps: if this blog gets super quiet again . . .  you know why. 

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