Monday, December 20, 2010

Fairy Tale Land

At 2 years 7 months Anna Catherine has hit the super imagination stage!!

It is my favorite.

Everything is so magical, super exciting and eye opening. 
She plays pirates, princess, tinkerbell, little mommy, blues clues, space girl, monkey girl.........on and on and on with the imagination.

Today she had on one of those adorable pink ballerina skirts, some pink christmas stockings and her snow boots. I wanted to just eat her up she was so cute.

She has been a mommy's girl the past couple of weeks. She follows me around all day asking "can I help you momma?" and runs up to give me massive hugs at random times. Yesterday, as I was cleaning up the living room she said "oh momma I am so proud of you!" 

Paul Calvin has been a LOT better. I believe it to be a combination of him maturating now that he is 5 years old and the diet we have him on (organic milk, very little sugar and nothing with red dye). He has been a lot happier and calmer. I am VERY thankful to people helping me figure out that diet!   

With Paul being calmer and not throwing as many fits and Anna having this burst of imagination, our house is like a fairy tale land at all times. 

I just LOVE that. 

 I love being in this magical kid world.  It really has been GREAT fun jumping around the house in crazy clothes pretending that "captain hook is trying to capture us lost boys!" or taking walks around the neighborhood while pretending to be explorers. My favorite is when we pretend the car is an airplane and fly to distant lands (the mall, Target or the church)

Paul and Anna have really become GREAT little buddies (most of the time).  They run through the house yelling crazy commands at each other "Anna grab the blue lever for the rocket ship while I get all the equipment ready!"   or "Paul the fox and the mouse are trying to grab my pony tail. help me brother HELP ME!"  

It cracks me up!

While I was putting Anna to bed tonight she started looking through her new christmas clothes and saying "oh this one is nice. Yep! I want to wear this tomorrow afternoon mom. Can you put this on me tomorrow afternoon?  oh it is so nice!"

I have been told by several people that you have good years and bad years with kids. It seems as if 2011 is looking to be a good year. I sure hope so!  I could really use a GREAT year!

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