Saturday, December 4, 2010

Confessions of A Young Mother

On the drive home yesterday I heard the news dude on the radio declare SNOW was in our future. 
I got sooooooo excited. "I LOVE snow" I thought out loud.

From the back seat I heard two little squeaky voices yell out "WE LOVE SNOW TOO!!!"

Then I felt the mom chills roll up my spine "oh no" I thought in my head "that means they are going to make me go out and play in the small amount of slush the news dude in predicting that we are going to have."

This morning I got up bright and early. I ran to the nearest window. Looked out. SNOW!!! SNOW!!! SNOW!!!!  I started jumping like a little kid around the room.  Then I jumped to the bed to wake up Roger "THERE IS SNOW OUTSIDE!!!  IT REALLY SNOWED!!!"

I had BIG plans for the day. I was going to make myself some hot tea, sit on the couch in my jammies, read and knit while I looked at the snow through the window.  

As I was preparing for my day I heard the THUMP THUMP THUMP of five year old feet running down the stairs.

Then I heard a squeaky little voice from the back bedroom yell "MOM MOM MOM I want to see the SNOW!!!"

Then came the dreaded question "Can we go play in the snow? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?" 

If you are NOT a parent you are probably thinking "oh they are just being cute little kids. they want to play in the snow with their momma. HOW FUN!!"

Let me explain......... 

First of all it was 7:30 in the morning......on a saturday.

Getting kids ready to go play in the snow TAKES FOREVER.

LAYER AFTER LAYER of clothes to keep them from getting wet and cold.

It takes about 30 minutes to find and put the clothes on.

Then you'll have that random snow boot that you can't manage to find because your child insisted on wearing them all summer long and missed placed them now that the snow is here.You spend 20 minutes looking for the snow boot and finally give up looking for it even though your son is in a puddle of tears screaming "MY SNOW BOOT. I CAN'T PLAY WITHOUT MY SNOW BOOT."

Then you have to calm them down ( "Im HOT. I'm burning up.") while you get dressed to go out in the snow

that takes about 15 min of sweat and tears.

Then you walk out in the snow and they immediately grab the the slush. The screams start up again "I'm COLD!   I'm wet. I want to go inside"
You insist that they play for just a little bit more so that all the time that was spent getting ready wasn't spent in vain but finally give up and take them inside.

You spent about 5 minutes actually outside in the snow.

You walk into the house. Fight with them to take off all their snow gear. Look up at the clock to see that it is already 8:40am.  You haven't showered. You haven't eaten breakfast. You haven't sat in you jammies, in front of the window, sipping tea and reading your book. 

Then it hits you.

I am a parent!

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