Saturday, November 28, 2009


We ran away to the mountains for thanksgiving with Roger's parents. They paid for our hotel room, our thanksgiving dinner and everything else they could manage beating us to the cash register for. It was a great 4 days spent with the in-laws and out-laws (paul and anna).

Here are some highlights:

Wednesday was the travel day so all morning long I packed up the lugage, took care of the kids and tended to the worker dude that was putting in our new windows. By the time we actually got everyone in the car at noon I was exhausted but alas I had to drive all the way to the mountains because Roger had to work on his sermon on the way there.  Needless to say a 4 hour drive took about 6 hours with the kids.  But we expected that and checked out a book on cd from our local library!!!

Thursday we slept in until, get this, 9am!!!!!    WOW!!!!  It was AMAZING.  Then I was able to waller in bed and read until 10:30am because we sent the kids to the grandparents hotel room. I thought to myself "this is why people with small children travel with the grandparents."  Around noon we walked down to a local restaurant that the in-laws had reserved for us to have our thanksgiving dinner at.  Great food. No mess to clean up but there sure was a mess made thanks to Anna.  The rest of the afternoon was spent with Paul and Roger visiting the grandparents while I watched Anna sleep in our room with a good book in my hand.  That afternoon we all went for a big walk on the strip and ate some really nasty food from a guy that I am pretty sure had meth mouth. 

Friday was exciting!  We went to the Aquarium.  It was Paul and Anna's first time and they both were so happy that I had to hold back tears.  It was adorable!!!  We even got to see the divers feed the sting rays and the multicolored fish. At one point Anna ran up to the glass, banged on it and the diver dude took out his breather thing and gave her a big toothy smile. Her response was a BIG kiss on the glass.  My heart melted.  It was just one of those moments where you feel at peace being right where you are, in the moment. I have had a lot of those lately.   After the aquarium we ate at the lovely Applewood Restaurant.  YUMMY!!! But by that time the kids were NUTTS.  sorry people at the tables around us. I should have backed ear plugs for ya.

Roger and I were also able to spend friday night ALONE!!  We did lame things like snuggle in the bed to watch Super Nanny, walk the strip while sipping coffee and giggling at crazy things, and eating cake together at midnight while watching Sleepless in Seattle. We were going to enjoy the hot tub after the movie watching/cake eating but we fell asleep.  I guess having kids makes the lame dates seem so much more exciting.  And you know what?  I am ok with that!

Saturday we took the kids to see the bears!  While there Paul saw some go carts and I just HAD to take him for a ride.  We got one with two stirring wheels so he is convinced that he drove a race car and I am convinced that I am an awesome mom for letting him think that he was driving.  When we got finished with the ride he looked up at me with those big blue eyes, smiled and said "That was super fun mom!!  I'm a FAST race car driver!" 

Now we are at home and EXHAUSTED.  Traveling with two small children is a challenge. At one point this weekend paul walked out of the bathroom with blood on his face. "umm I was shaving" was the response I got when I mentioned the blood. I knew the day would come when he would attempt the shaving.  I still remember my first attempt.  Do you?

Oh one more thing.  Paul walked up to a Santa Clause in the store and said "Hey, my names Paul and I'm a super hero."  Then he walked away.  My 4 year old is hilarious!

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