Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday July 23, 09

Most days I feel like I have gotten nothing accomplished. However, most days I get tons of stuff done. Sometimes when I sit down after a morning full of fun activity I think "I didn't get anything done."  This afternoon I did the same thing. I walked inside around 3:30, started sipping a glass of water while enjoying a quite house full of sleeping children. (ok, so there is just 2 kids)  Then it popped in my head "I haven't done anything to day."  Then I thought "you are so hard on yourself."  So, I wrote a list of things that I did today.

1. got both the kids up , dressed and fed
2. followed Anna around all morning picking up her tornadoes. 
3. cleaned both the bathrooms
4. straightened up the house
5. picked paul up from VBS and let him play in the bouncy thing for an hour while I watched anna
6. fed kids lunch and cleaned up after them
7. took the kids to Lowes to get some pest killer, dirt and mulch
8. read books to the kids and put them down for a nap
9. mowed the grass and trimmed.
10. planted a flower and put more mulch around the bushes
11. sprayed the bushes with bug killer stuff

Now I am sitting here writing this blog so I will no longer think at the end of the day "I did nothing."  It is strange how when you enjoy doing something so much, when the end of the day comes you feel like you did nothing. How weird??  I need to do this more often, write a list. Because sometimes I get that guilty feeling for staying home with the kids. Like all I am doing is playing house. It's hard not to feel that way when I get told so often that I am not using my BA in psychology degree. Hey people, I am totally using those skills that I picked up during all my psych hours. I would not be as good a mom or wife if I wasn't.  

 But anyway I need to pat myself on the back every now and then.  If it weren't for me the house would be a mess, the grass wouldn't be mowed, the kids would never get a bath, the laundry would never get done and the kids wouldn't even know what a book is.

There, I have had my uplifting moment that I so needed.  I sometimes wish that maybe I could get a boring job where I sit somewhere and stare at the computer waiting for the day to end and my paycheck to come.  But, I have been there and done that and I am pretty sure I have the best job in the world. (but doesn't everybody?)  Right here at Jasper n' Jasper. 

 I am starting to think about how my answer to the question "Do you work or stay home with the kids?"will be from now on. I just HATE that question.   It shall be "I work from home."  

"oh really!  What kind of work?"  
"maid, janitor, cook, nanny, landscaper, PE couch, therapist"   

 Holly Crap I totally just cracked myself up.  I love when I do that.  Ha Ha  (chuckle with me)

Ok, I'm sitting here covered in grass and dirt from the landscaper part of my job so I need to get cleaned off before the kids wake up or roger gets home.  He tends to walk in the door and say "Ha Ha what in the world have you gotten yourself into?"  I get pretty messy when I play outside.  I just can't help it.  I don't care about getting dirt all over the place.  I'm also a bit clumsy so that doesn't help.   

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