Friday, July 17, 2009


I'm sitting here watching Anna do some sort of craziness with the rug and Paul watch Ice Age.  Fridays are movie days at our house. I don't allow him to watch tv or movies much so on friday we veg out.  I wish I could enjoy this veg out experience more but I have a horrible head ache. I think I have taken to many drugs this morning. There is a possibility I am becoming a druggy. I took my normal vitamin this morning. Then decided that maybe I was a little low in iron and that was why I was so tired so I popped an iron pill.  Then later this morning I decided maybe I had a headache because of allergies so I took some allergy meds.  After that I thought maybe I just needed some caffeine so I had some coffee and tea.  Then I took some ibuprofen.  Now I am sitting here in pain, a bit spaced out and feeling shaking from the caffeine. I've really gotta stop the self diagnosing.  My Obgyn has already forbidden me from googling things "Jess, just ask me and I'll tell you all you need to know. You're just going to scare yourself for no reason."  I stopped googling but I didn't stop thinking the worst and popping the meds.  Gotta stop that.  I guess I just need to go get blood work like a normal person when I feel that there is a possibility that I am low in iron. Thank the Lord there isn't such a thing as a take home blood work kit or I would totally be sticking myself all the time.

Tonight is the last night for VBS. I must admit that after the first night in which roger and I both experienced an emotional meltdown, it has been fun. I feel like for 2 whole hours I get to be a kid again, playing make believe. The best part being that I am teaching young ones about Rome: Paul and the underground church.  Including my young one. He is excited to get to learn more about his name sake. It puts a smile on my face.

Alright, Paul's movie is over, Roger just put anna down for a nap and is walking to church, so I better get busy reading to Paul. That's one of my favorite Mom things to do with him....READ.  I LOVE reading and I LOVE that paul loves it as well. We read books for at least 40 min each day cuddled up on the couch. 

Exciting note for the day: I have found a stroller fitness class that I am going to join!! They meet at the park right by our house every monday, work out together and then let the kids play together on the park.  It is so exciting!!!  I'll get to combine my love of exercise, kids and socializing!!!  FABULOUS!! She said "come prepared to sweat. We burn off abut 450 cal a work out!!"   YAY

I'll write about how that goes. Hopefully I don't kill over.  :)

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