Monday, May 19, 2014

Oh Dear God will this semester EVER end?

Oh Dear God will this semester EVER end?

I am currently taking a break from typing my last term project.

It is excruciating.

I, no kidding, broke down into tears this morning and started throwing the F-bomb around because I am THAT done with grad school.

I need a break. 

Well, technically I DID have a break.

Roger and I got back from our week in Manhattan this past friday.

It was wonderfully enchanting


We were there to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary.

And boy did we celebrate!

Most of the days were spent meandering around the city taking in the energy, meeting people and taking the time to hear their stories, and eating at random spots that appealed to us at the time.

We stayed at a house on 19th Street in the Gramercy Park Area that is owned by Mennonite Missionaries. The house includes office space for the missionaries and living quarters for the missionaries, as well has rooms that can be rented out to guests visiting New York City. We shared the kitchen, bathroom, and living room with the missionaries and the other 2 guests, but had a private room. 

reading in the living room

Knowing that we were going to New York City in May, for Christmas Roger bought me tickets to see Wicked on Broadway . . .  ON BROADWAY!!!

Yep.  It was AMAZING!!!!

But alas, we are back to the real world of laundry, yard work, child rearing, and oh for crying out loud, PAPER WRITING.

I do not want to do it.

It is due today.

I have put off doing it until the last possible moment because I am sooooooo insanely burnt out. My brain can NOT take any more learning. . .  or thinking.   

I want to read something stupid.  I want to have a mindless conversation with someone.  I want to sit on the back porch drinking too much wine, laughing at the hilarity of these crazy squirrels that have taken over our back yard. 

I want to do ANYTHING besides this term paper.

A part of be just wants to email the professor and be like "sorry dude, I'm not doing it. Give me whatever grade. I don't care."

But alas, I shall go back to writing this term paper because my husband is on my case about it.

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  1. I assume that as it was due yesterday you finished, but I just wanted to say good luck! You're almost done with this semester, right? SO CLOSE! And then it's wine time!