Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Body of Christ: His Church

When I most need it, I run away from it.

Monday I tried to run away. I feared it.

But in the end, I went.

I sat in the back, trying to be alone, but no matter how far back I went I was still amongst them.

It has a way of doing that.

That's why during times like this, I run.

But this time was different, I didn't run. This time I leaned into it.

As I walked down to recieve communion by intinction I felt an arm wrap around me. A fellow Christian reaching out, consoling me, acknowledging that it was okay, in this place, at this time, to grieve, to seek comfort in the community of believers. 

As I took the bread, dipped it into the cup, placed it within my mouth, I was filled. 

God was with me.

His body was surrounding me.

The tears that flowed were not of sadness, but of gratitude. Even at such a time as this I can find rest.


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