Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Paul's Writing Assignment

Paul had an assignment in the 1st grade to write about his mom's hands. 

I guess it somehow got lost because his 2nd grade teacher sent home some papers that his 1st grade teacher had found.

As you might imagine, as I read his little writing my breath was taken away.  

What a sweet boy we have! 

I remember my mom's hands holding mine as we jumped off the diving board.
We walked on the bottom of the deep end.
It was like walking on the moon.

I remember my mom's hands on my shoulder. 
I looked at the body of my grandpa Levi.
He died.
Tears came down my cheek.

I remember my mom's hands buy me minecraft.
Which I wanted so bad.
She made me happy.

The simple day to day things, those are what mean the most to your children.

Those are the things that they hold dear.

May we never forget that.

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