Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Little Cottage Office

Another week of classes, volunteer work, and momma jobs has come and gone.

What. A. Week.

This weekend has been spent preparing for the week ahead.... and resting.... a bit.

Last night we headed out to Tyler's house for a potluck and bonfire with friends.
Yes, it was so nice to sit outside, roasting marshmallows, talking to friends, under a STUNNING half moon.  What a beautiful night! 

It was also nice to finally use Tyler's table.  It seems like everytime we all get together to eat, we end up just standing around in the kitchen.  This time we actually sat down for the meal.... in the dinning room.... and even held hands to pray before we partook in all the good fall food.  
I'm pretty sure it was because this time the girls out numbered the guys by one.
Us ladies took it upon ourselves to prepare the table.

Saturday morning was spent sorting and cleaning.
Some church folks brought over some furniture for us that they were no longer using.
Office Desk and Chair. Sofa Chair. Fold out Chair


It got me all excited about making a little "cottage office loft" for myself.
You know, I'm in seminary, I NEED a good place to study.

About 8 yrs ago some friends decided to throw away 2 little book shelves.  We found them sitting on their front porch and asked if we could have them.  They said yes.  I have FOREVER said that I am going to devote a weekend to painting them, but of course, never have.  Those little ugly beat up book shelves have been mocking me every time I place a book on them.

So, I rummaged through the basement and found some old paint.

I spent the rest of the weekend sorting, painting and dreaming.

The Finished product.

Roger can sit right here while I type my papers.

I bought the one on the left when I was pregnant with Paul and the one of the right when I was pregnant with Anna.  They now have a nice little place on my window sill..... in my little cottage office! 

now, I best get off of here and actually USE my office for what it is intended to be used for..... Studying For Seminary. 

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