Thursday, September 6, 2012

Goodbye Wittiness

I fear that the wittiness of this blog is taking a hiatus. 

my mind keeps turning to seminary,  the volunteer work that I have taken up, and my family responsibilities. 

Mornings have turned into my sacred study time.  I call it sacred because so far I really enjoy that time that I get to read and study.  I'm sure I will eventually get burnt out, near the end of the semester, but thus far I am really enjoying the whole learning process. 

Early afternoons are filled with the mom job stuff.  You know, picking up the kids, straightening up the house, making dinner, helping with homework and getting little ones to bed on time.

Starting today, my Thursday mornings will be spent volunteering in Paul's 1st grade classroom.
Today I was introduced to the class and observed what I will be helping the teacher with!
Have I mentioned how much I adore Paul's teacher?!?  
She's wonderful!

This morning, after volunteering, I headed to a local coffee shop to put in 2hrs of study time before the kids got home from school. 

Pretty soon our Teen MOPS program is going to start back up. 
I will also be getting to help coordinate that!
I just love getting to know other young moms in the community!!
(and getting to hold those sweet little babies)

Believe it or not, it has taken me FOREVER just to type this out.
I did a few sentences here and there while helping Paul with his homework and nursing a sick Anna.
(not nursing as in with my boob, but like, you know, nursing her back to health. just wanted to make that clear)

Where was I?

What in the heck is this blog post about?

Oh yeah, about how the wittiness of this blog is taking a hiatus.  

Next week I have a BIG appointment with my cardiologist.  It is that time of year... stress Test time.
I have asked my dear friend Summer to tag along with me.
I just hate these appointments and I do NOT want to go alone.

So, tune in next Thursday evening for a, probably hilariously entertaining, update on mine and Summer's adventure to Kosair Children's Hospital. 

I get slap happy when I'm nervous.
I get really nervous about these big cardiology appointments.
Summer has no clue what she has gotten herself into.

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