Friday, October 24, 2008

quite times are to prepare us for the not so quite times

Today has been somewhat of a crazy day.  Preacher Man's days off are Friday and Saturday so it was suppose to be a relaxing day for all of us.  Ummmm yeah right.  With two kids everyday is a work day.

I got up at 7:30 because I wanted a little time to eat my breakfast and do my daily reading in peace before all hell broke loss. Amigo went to bed at 11pm lastnight because we went to songfest practice and walked around campus looking at the benches.  I knew that when he got up he was not going to be a happy little man.

It was so peaceful being able to sit alone while the sun was coming up.  Just me, exodus and my oatmeal. I know. I bet you're trying to figure out who or what exodus is.  I have decided, after much thought, to read the Bible through.  I'm so tired of people (preachers, teachers, parents) jamming their theology down my throat.  Yes, I minored in religion in college and grew up on the stories of Adam, Eve, Moses, Abraham, Jacob, Job, Paul, Jesus......   But a part of me, a big part, just wants to sit back and read the stories for their literary value .  I don't want to have a commentary to tell me this or that or a preacher that's going to take a verse out of context.  I want to see the story play out in my head like a movie while I read. I JUST WANT TO READ.  I have found that this type of reading of the text is so moving.  They're beautiful stories.

At about 8am Amigo came running through the house yelling "Amigo's up!"  My heart sank.  I was having such a wonderful alone time.  But them he ran up and gave me the biggest good morning hug and kiss I through the Holy word to the side and decided that the whole family should have snuggle time in the bed.  Even little chica joined in on the fun!!

The morning went on and all was well in the Preacher Man's house until about 9:30 when Amigo asked to get the Legos out.  I walked into his closet to get the sacred Lego box when I discovered the carpet was soaking wet.  When I stepped down on the carpet a jet of water squirted up between my toes. My immediate thought was "Man, my socks are all wet now."  Then, after changing my socks and putting them in the hamper, the thought crossed my mind "my floor is soaking wet."  I ran to the bathroom that is beside Amigo's room and sure enough the toilet was running all over the place.  
Let, me explain. The toilet has been clogged for a good month.  We hadn't called the maintenance guy because, well, we hate asking people to do stuff for us even if it is their job.  I always feel bad.  Especially for a "simple" clogged toilet.  So I guess the toilet got tired of just sitting there not being used and threw up.  ALL OVER THE PLACE.
The rest of the morning and a good portion of the afternoon was dedicated to cleaning up the mess.  It was great fun.  At least Amigo thought it was.  Bob the Builder came to his house to fix his toilet and clean his room!!!  I was super mom in his eyes.  "Wow, my mom called Bob the Builder and he came to MY house!"

To make things better we (Amigo and I) snuggled up on the couch to watch a movie about Beatrix Potter and later read three of her lovely stories!!  There's nothing like sharing a story with your child on a rainy day after cleaning up poo water all morning!!   

The van and hose cleaning the poo water up

The fan trying to dry up the carpet

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