Monday, December 17, 2012

random mondays

It was rough sending the kids to school this morning.

The Connecticut school shooting is still fresh on my mind.

I have 18 pages written on my final seminary paper for the semester.

It's in rough draft form but it still feels nice to have something written out.

It is due no later than Wednesday the 19th.

Today is the last full day with out children that I have to work on it.

Anna and Paul have their classroom Christmas parties tomorrow.
Anna only has class until 10:30 tomorrow.

I haven't done anything for Christmas yet. I've been consumed with school.

I'm tired.

I need to go get a new license.

I hate going into the court house.

It is so white.

They need some color in there.

It's sterile and depressing and always puts me in a bad mood.

It that weird?
I just hate that I have to go through a pat down to go get my license.  
I can't walk through the metal detector because of my pacemaker.
Then they have to SEE where my pacemaker IS and check everything on me.
It's annoying and not something that I enjoy doing.
I get tired of the "you don;t look old enough to have a pacemaker" comments.
You would think I would learn not to lose my license.
I need to get a wallet.  A small one.
I hate carrying a purse.  That's why I am always losing stuff.
My pockets suck apparently.
I should get back to working on this paper.
My head hurts.
All I want to do for christmas is cuddle up with the kids and Roger and watch movies.
we're ALL ready for a break.

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